Radiant powerful center is connectedness
The creative light is emitting
The journey into the inside connects me with everything
Anything is possible


28th Life Dance 2020

24 July - 1 August 2020


The current situation:

You may have already guessed: the 28th life dance cannot take place in the usual way...

The current Corona situation makes a safe execution impossible. Travel restrictions, face masks and the protection of risk groups do not go well with sweat lodges, singing groups and trips to the South of France. So how can the 28th life dance be?
Here in the newsletter you will find our answers :-) The core sentences of the 28th dance have inspired and accompanied us: 

Radiant powerful center is connectedness

The life-dance will still dance, even if we as humans will not be physically in Lavaldieu.
The tree is an expression of this radiant powerful center. We connect as a collective across space and time.
The creative light is emitting
A great deal of creativity also arises from the current restrictions of everyday life. In the leadership team we are working together with the former members of the leadership team to create a new form of ceremony for this year. And your creative light will also be important in this!
The journey into the inside connects me with everything
The 28th life dance takes place decentralized. You will have the opportunity to do your ceremony in your own life, at your home. You will dance for you, travel "within you" and connect with the life dance and "everything". As a support for this there will be a sand painting this year as well.
The exact form of this ceremony we are dreaming about. In the next newsletter you will learn more about it... 
Anything is possible
Anything is possible... and a new pattern of Wakan Tanka unfolds! 
We are very curious to see where this new form of the Life Dance will take us! We wish you many opportunities in this challenging time to expand and enrich your everyday life.

Stay healthy and best wishes
Life dance fees 
All people who have registered for the 28th Lebenstanz 2020 and have already paid the fee, we offer the following options:
  • You will be refunded the full amount paid in
  • You donate 50.-Euro/60.- SFR to the Life Dance. (or more...) for the arising expenses and you will be refunded the remaining amount.
  • You donate the whole fee
Please fill out the online refund form. 

Even if the dance does not take place in the usual form, costs will be incurred. Your donation will be used for this and for supporting the landowners and the kitchen.
Thanks a lot! 


Magic Mesa 24-26 April 2020 - CANCELLED!

Due to the current corona situation, we unfortunately have to cancel the Magic Mesa from April 24-26, 2020!

As we all have already experienced, the Nagual - the spirit world - is outside of space and time and we can connect to it anywhere and anytime. Instead of the Magic Mesa we invite you to a
common (pipe) ceremony on Sunday 26 April at 10.00 am.
The intention of this ceremony is to support the dance energetically, to dive into the energy of the coming dance and to dream pictures to the sand painting. 

If you would like more detailed explanations of the ceremony and a layout, please contact Andy.