Preparation for Singers

During the year

As a singer, you will have practiced with a drum circle during the year and learned the ceremonial songs at a big frame drum (if you have questions, please contact Annette Gröble). Prior to coming to the Life Dance, you will have built your own drum stick. You should paint or draw your intentions/dreams/visions on a piece of cloth or leather and work it into your drumstick (either the head or the handle). Bring along the feather of a bird of prey.

On location

Preparation and build-up period
It’s important that you be prepared to integrate into the new singing group. Each group is led by one or two people, the so-called drum chiefs. They will be your contact during your stay in the south of France.

During the build-up period, you will practice ceremonial songs with your group and get to know each other – at times at the big Life Dance drum. At some times, the Singers will give a hand building the Arbor. This process helps weave the Singers, Dancers and Guardians together and create a large, homogenous community. To help you tune into the Dance during the preparatory period, and afterwards as well, you will do a number of sweatlodges.  Your ceremonial objects will support you throughout the Dance (your drum stick, mainly, but also your pipe or your power staff).

During the ceremony
The great frame drum is placed in the southeast of the Arbor in a shelter of its own. That is where we sing. A dream catcher hangs over the drum. You will attach the bird of prey feather you brought along with you. You will take it back with you after the Dance. It will carry the songs and the energy of the ceremony and be with you on your way back home and in your daily routines.

During the three days of the Dance, we celebrate life, so we dress accordingly.  You will also have the opportunity to dance your intentions and dreams awake while your group is on its break. For your apparel, please orient yourself towards the Dancers.

The day after
After the Dance, everything is taken apart and stowed away. Make sure you have robust shoes and work clothes.

Tried and true tips for the Dance
Besides your Dance apparel, your drum stick, the feather and your music, we recommend you take seating with you, sun blocker (unperfumed), paper and writing utensils, an alarm clock and neutral headgear (without a brim).

Drum Circles and next meeting open for all Singers

If you have questions, feel free to contact Annette Gröble.

For more information and registration