Pre- and post-Dance helpers

If you have already been a Dancer, Singer, or Guardian once before, you may indicate your interest in helping before and/or after the Dance when registering.

Before registering, however, you must make sure you contact Eva Maringer first. Once the registrations have been sent, he will make a selection based on suitability.

Bed and board are free of charge for the helpers during the working days prior to and after the Dance.

The work will be remunerated with a fixed sum (€ 200 for pre-Dance, € 70 for post-Dance).

As a pre-Dance helper, you will be ready for work from Tuesday morning (July 24, 2018) to Thursday afternoon, prior to the official arrival day (Friday).

As a post-Dance helper, you will stay on the grounds after the Dance until and including Sunday (August 5, 2018).  If, in the event of rainy weather, the communal tents are still wet or damp, the post-Dance helpers will be responsible for stowing them away dry.  This could delay your return trip by one more day.

For more information and registration: