Practical matters

The start
Friday July 24, 2020, at 12 noon

Ends on
Saturday August 1, 2020, at around 6 p.m.

Earliest possible arrival date
Thursday July 23, 2020, 3 p.m.
Other guests will be staying on the Dance grounds until that time.

If you wish to arrive earlier, you must contact Eva Maringer. If you do arrive earlier, you will be expected to contribute to the setting-up.

Getting there
You will find this information at Getting there.

All participants will be asked to fill out a registration form on Friday (beginning in the morning) at the registration tent.


Health and responsibility

Participating the Life Dance is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is suitable for participants who are physically and mentally healthy and able to work under normal conditions and who can take full responsibility for themselves. Together with the doctor, we as the management team see ourselves as responsible for the health of all participants. If we are concerned about whether a person is up to the physical or psychological demands of the dance, we reserve the right to take appropriate support measures or to send this person home.

Mental Health
The dance is not suitable for people in an unstable mental state (especially with a tendency to psychotic or manic states).

All participants are voluntary taking place in de Life Dance and bear full responsibility for themselves and their actions. They are responsible for any damage caused and hold the organizers harmless from any liability claims.


Rules on the site

All participants sleep in a private tent. During the three days of the ceremony, the Dancers will sleep in the Arbor, in their own shelter.

Accommodation for elderly or handicapped participants:
There is the possibility to stay overnight in the guesthouse in a "normal" bed. Please reserve and pay directly and on your own responsibility with Pat and Russel (

Fire hazards
During summers in southern France, forest fires are a very real danger. Hence, gas lights, petrol lamps or open candles are strictly prohibited. This applies to your tent as well. The only thing allowed is a closed storm lantern.

The food from the communal kitchen is excellent. The cooks purchase their ingredients from local organic farmers and make sure the meals are tasty and balanced. Vegetarians are also accounted for. Please make sure you check the appropriate box in your registration.
The first meal from the Life Dance kitchen will be offered on the morning of Friday, July 25, 2014. It will be a small breakfast.
Special needs cannot be met, alas. If you do have allergies and need supplements, please take them along with you. You may not set up your own kitchen (gas or wood) due to the danger of forest fires in southern France.

Any drugs that alter your consciousness are strictly forbidden during the Life Dance. Alcohol and marijuana are on that list. Tobacco, caffeine and sugar are allowed.

All participants will remain on the grounds for the duration of the ceremony (build-up, ceremony, dismantling). Excursions will not be possible.

Whatever you brought along with you, you should take back as well. This includes damaged objects that will not fit in a garbage bag, like broken camping chairs. If you are coming in the group bus and will be coming back to the Life Dance the following year, you can store your camping chair on the grounds. 

You may not take your pets with you.

Recording videos or taking photos is only allowed outside the ceremony. Do not photograph medicine objects. If you take photographs of people, please ask permission first and show them your pictures later on. Uploading photos onto the Internet may only be done after consultation with the Steering Team. To guarantee the privacy of participants in the Life Dance, the photos must be password protected.

Electrical equipment
There is no way to charge your electrical appliances. The existing electrical system is only sufficiently for the infrastructure of the dance (eg. kitchen, physician tent).

Individual preparation

You will be ready for the Dance when you arrive. For that, please consult the specific requirements for Dancers, Singers, or Guardians. There will be no time or space for making or finishing up shields, drum sticks or power staffs.

Guest shields and ribbons
A special section of the Arbor is reserved for shields and rainbow ribbons for friends and relatives. These items can then be awakened through the Dance. Please make a financial giveaway of  € 70.- ¦ CHF 90.- to the Life Dance association.

What to pack and what has proven to be useful
Tent, outdoor clothing, robust shoes, rain gear and rubber boots, torch with batteries, seating (e.g., camping chair), eating tools, cup/glass, dishrag and a bag for stashing them, sewing kit, toilet articles, sleeping bag and mat, neutral sun blocker, a plastic canvas, string, pen knife, headgear, drinking bottle, towels for the sweatlodges and for smokers, a tin for the butts.

Equipment for children and youths
packing list has already been written up.