Organization process of the luminous circles and branches

The organization of the Life Dance is changing. Leadership by a leadership team has been collective leadership for many years. Already our predecessors in the leadership team, the Dragon Dancers, lived a form of flat hierarchies and repeatedly addressed the possibilities of a more decentralized leadership. Parallel to this, their predecessors, the Stalker Dancers, added ceremonies and presented their vision of a more decentralized form of organization in the form of various "units" or "luminous circles" on the 26th Life Dance.

We took up the image of these "luminous circles" as a new leadership team and initiated the process with the support of our predecessors as well as experienced persons in the field of collective leadership, namely Gertrud Taha. The goal is to develop the structure of the Life Dance into a new contemporary form and thus to preserve and pass on the ceremonial and tonal knowledge of this ceremony in the community.

At the Magic Mesa 2019 we have taken the first step towards the realization of this vision of the shining circles with all participants. The result of this process was presented on the 27th Life Dance in Lavaldieu and continued by a larger group. For organizational reasons, the image of the luminous circles turned into ten luminous branches, which can contain various smaller circles and groups. Communication and networking is currently taking place at the level of the branches. Here you can find the coordinators of these branches:


Shining branches


email address

sweat lodge

Dana Ott


Silvia Löwe

childrens camp

Josef Reichenspurner

healing team

Flurina Campolongo


Irene Muser Rui


Barbara Brugger

construction and water sanctuary

Michael Maringer 

singers / music

Regina Schläfli

communication and administration

Herbert Untersteiner


Stephan Becker

leadership team

Aniela Wirz


Now is a good time to let these branches continue to grow and connect interested people until we can all meet again together in Lavaldieu. In these branches all people are welcome who are interested in the Life Dance and who want to get involved in some way in this branch and the organization of the Life Dance. This is independent of your age and whether you want to participate in the dance next year.

If you are interested, please contact the respective coordinator and find out what kind of networking is planned and possible now and how you can get involved.

For general questions about the process of the luminous circles or branches please contact


The life dance is looking forward to you.

May all circles and branches in our collective shine and be connected, ho!