Singing and drumming !

For a period of three days the songs and the drumbeat will carry the Dancers, with their intentions and dreams, to the Life Dance Tree. These energetically charged songs support the Dance and give the Singers a deep sense of communion. Experiencing the Dance as a Singer means giving your heart's voice free rein. As a Singer, in contrast to the Dancers (who dance for themselves), you will receive the gift of hearing, feeling and giving your all in a group of singers within a ceremonial framework.

The drumbeat is in alignment with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and you take in nourishment with every note you sing and drumbeat you produce. Many of the songs are traditional chants of the Native Americans. You will stand or sit in a semicircle around the drum, basking in the voices of the other singers and the warm sonorities coming from the drum.
It is wonderful to give support to the Dancers and energize the Life Dance as a Singer. You will be truly in harmony.

During the ceremony, the three singing groups will rotate at the drum from sunrise to deep into the night. You sing for an hour, and then another group comes to relieve you. You will have two hours for yourself. You may use that time to dance.

During the preparatory days, your group will really amalgamate. You sing together – at times with the Life Dance drum – and practice, thereby supporting the building of the arbor with harmony and humor. You will be asked to participate occasionally during the build-up and dismantling of the Arbor.

You will take part in sweatlodges in order to prepare for the Dance. The Dance will be rounded off with a final sweatlodge. 

All creatures will continue to feel the vibration of that "harmony" with the drum long after the Dance, and everyone’s hearts will continue to be touched by the songs and sounds. A new Life Song has begun.

If you intend to participate, you will find all the practical information here for your own singing Dance: