Helping before and after the Dance

Before the Dance
To help with the preparatory work, you should come to the Life Dance grounds a little earlier, when everything is relatively quiet. As one of a team of nine eager people, you will be active from early Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon, i.e., before the official starting day (Friday). Tasks include putting up the communal tents, preparing tools and the materials, building sweatlodges, cutting the grass at the sweatlodge and dancing areas. This ensures that those arriving on the grounds soon after will have food and shelter, and it introduces the first traces of creative beauty for the time we will all be spending together.

After the Dance
Wrapping up the Dance will involve you staying one more day following the official closing of the Dance (i.e., until Sunday evening inclusive).
If, in the event of rainy weather, the communal tents are still wet or damp, the post-Dance helpers will be responsible for stowing them away dry.  This could delay your return trip by one more day.
The circle of post-Dance helpers takes care of the last tidying up jobs. You are in charge of the beauty in which we want to leave the grounds.

If you intend to participate, you will find all the necessary information here and everything else required for organization: