Guarding !

As a Guardian, you will be moving between the magical space within the Arbor and everyday reality.

You are the Guardian and keeper of the space and a valuable part of the Life Dance. Your cooperation will lend you strength and trust in your own stability. Your work will let you nourish the Dancers and yourself.

As a Guardian, you make your natural gifts available to the collective. This will give you profound insights into the various dimensions and energies of the ceremony.

You will also experience the support from the circle of Guardians.
Experienced Guardians, Dancers and Singers, together with youths progressing on their own path, will have a place in the Guardian's circle, where their valuable gifts will be welcome and honored.

During the preparation period, you will work on construction projects around the Arbor, prepare wood for the fires, lay down cables, build stairways, etc. This "creating something together" has become quite rare and special these days.

During the Dance, you will be supporting the community in a practical and also ceremonial manner. For instance, you tend to the fire at the altar, take on jobs at the sweatlodge area, carry water and nourishment to the Dancers. In your particular collective, you will help create a stable space, which is fundamental for the ceremony.

You will also participate in sweatlodges to prepare for the Dance. The Dance will be rounded off by a sweatlodge following the ceremony.

The work will be divided up according the number of Guardians. At any rate, there will be times when you will be able to dance to the tree with your dream. At home, you will make your power staff that carries your intentions/dreams/visions.

On the last day, everything is taken don and stowed away and we all leave the area in beauty.

Back at home, your power staff will remind you of your gift of support life and you will realize how important it is to serve.

If you intend to participate in the Dance, you will find all the necessary practical information here: