Dancing !

For three days you dance to breathe life into your intentions, your dreams and visions.

You will dance for all creatures of Planet Earth, for the evolution of the human collective and for your own self and your individual path of growth. The term "dance" refers to the continuous movement forward to the Tree, which stands in the middle of the Arbor, and then backward to your shelter. You have time to focus entirely on creating your own dance, accompanied by Grandfather Sun, the Grandfather Stars, Sister Moon and Grandmother Earth.

Prior to the Dance, at home, you will paint or draw your intentions/dreams/visions on a shield. It will then be hung over your shelter in the Arbor and you will be nourishing it with each step towards the Tree. At night, when the drum falls silent, you will enter into the dream space and sleep in that shelter. During the entire Dance, while dreaming as well, you will receive many additional gifts, images and teachings, and you will experience the beauty of your own creative powers. By defining and integrating your intent with ever greater clarity, you will create reality.

The Singers will support you in that process with ceremonial songs and the rhythm of the great Life Dance drum. It will awaken your connection with the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth. Knowing that the Guardians are conscientiously taking care of everyday reality, you can give yourself fully to your magical world and be "all-one." 

You only leave the Arbor to drink water at the Water Sanctuary and, perhaps, to eat a minimal amounts to maintain your energy. Everything, including the "sacred toilets," is situated close to the Arbor. So you will never have to leave the energy field of the Life Dance for the duration of the ceremony.

You will in fact be familiar with the ceremony and Arbor, because you will be constructing that space along with the other Dancers during the preceding days. This "communal creativity" has become something very rare and valuable nowadays.  You will experience what it means when each person contributes his or her strength, talents and presence to create a something in common.

In the evenings, we get together to explore the deeper meaning of the ceremony. First-time Dancers have their own special meeting and can ask all the questions they might have. They will also be supported by a mentor they can choose themselves. You will participate in sweat lodge ceremonies in order to prepare for the Dance. The Dance will be rounded off at the end with a final sweat lodge. A festive dinner will give your body the opportunity to ground itself again. The following night, the ancestors will have their own Dance on the space. On the last day of the ceremony, everything is taken down and packed away, and the land is left in its pristine beauty. The seeds of the dream then germinate in a concealed space. Changes big and small start happening in everyday life. The expansion recalled from memory begins to take shape.

If you intend to participate, you will find all the necessary information here and everything else for the organization: