Life Dance

This ceremony, which focuses on intending, is rooted mainly in the shamanic teachings from the Indian dreamer Sundance tradition combined with alchemical teachings from Europe.

We celebrate life.

We dance for all creatures on the planet, for the evolution of the human collective and for our own selves and our individual growth. People come together in a great, diverse and beautiful circle. Every individual brings his or her natural gift and carries it on an authentic heart-path to the Tree of Life.

The Tree stands in the middle of the Arbor.

For the first four days, everyone is busy preparing the great Dance space, the Arbor. The atmosphere comes alive with the many people working joyously together, finding new friends and reconnecting with old ones. Opening sweat lodges are held on some evenings.

And then, everything really gets going.

The Guardians light the Child's Fire. Its flames will be fed for three days and four nights. The Guardians will attend to the Dance and all those participating, performing whatever tasks are necessary. They hold the space, as it were. From dawn to deep into the night, the Dancers and the great frame drum weave together an acoustic web with ancient power songs from the Indian tradition and other cultures. The Dancers dance their dreams, their intentions and their "healed-self" to the Tree and back to their shelter. At times they just meditate quietly. Many of the Dancers fast during the three days of the ceremony. Some give their bodies only as much nourishment as needed. 

The Dance gains energy.

During the three days, the circles of Dancers, Singers and Guardians together create a dream matrix that gains in density. This creates visions, the memories of the coming expansion in our lives. Hope and joy are present throughout. The knowledge of new possibilities takes root. The excitement nourishes the soul.

It will kindle a new flame for life.

On the last day of the ceremony, everything is taken down and packed away, and the land is left in its pristine beauty. The seeds of the dream then germinate in a concealed space. Changes big and small start happening in your daily life. The expansion that has been remembered will begin to take shape.

The dream is now reality.